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jueves, 12 de junio de 2008

3xOSC notes & tips fl studio synths



3xOsc is a 3-oscillator, subtractive synthesizer feeding the FL Studio Sampler. Its purpose is to generate a bright sound to be filtered by the channel's instrument tools. It can also produce its own kind of stereo phasing.

To save CPU and memory, the oscillators are anti-aliased during rendering only. This means the rendered tracks may sound better, but rendering will be slower.


OSC 1, 2, 3 Parameters

This section covers parameters for all of the oscillators.

  • Shape Selector - Buttons in each of the oscillators, allowing one of the following choices: sine, triangle, square, saw, rounded saw, noise, custom. Custom uses whatever sample is loaded in the channel Sampler Settings page.
  • Invert Switch (INV) - Allows you to invert the phase of the oscillator. When you mix two oscillators with equal settings, and one of them is inverted, they cancel each other and no sound is produced. However, if you set the Fine frequency to a slightly different value, this can produce interesting flanging/phasing effects.
  • Stereo Phase (SP) - Allows you to set different phase offset for the left and right channels of the generator. The offset results in the oscillator starting at a different point on the oscillator's shape (for e.g. start in the highest value of the sine function instead at zero point). Stereo phase offset adds to the richness and stereo panorama of the sound produced.
  • Stereo Detune (SD) - Allows you to de-tune the stereo sound of the generator, by applying a slightly different frequency at the left and right sound channels. This adds to the stereo panorama of the sound produced, and creates a ‘stereo flange’ effect. When the knob is in the middle, the effect is turned off.
  • Volume (VOL) - Sets the relative volume of each of the oscillators. Relative means that the overall sound output is kept at the same level, but the relative amount of each of the oscillators is adjustable. The first oscillator lacks this control, as at least one oscillator is always required to produce sound. For e.g., to mix 50% of oscillator 1 and 2, set the volume of oscillator at 100%. To mix all 3 oscillators at 33.33..%, set the volume knobs to 100% for oscillators 2 and 3. To mix only oscillator 1 at 100%, set all other volume levels to zero.
  • Panning (PAN) - Sets the stereo panning of the individual oscillators.
  • Coarse Tuning (CRS) - Sets the coarse tuning (range -24 to +24 semitones) of the individual oscillators.
  • Fine Tuning (FINE) - Sets the fine tuning (range -1 to +1 semitone) of the individual oscillators.

Other Parameters

  • OSC 3 Amplitude Modulation (OSC 3 > AM) – Switch on to use Oscillator 3 as an amplitude modulation of the other 2 oscillators.
  • Stereo Phase Randomness (PR) - Allows you to add ‘randomness’ to the stereo phase of all oscillators. Low values can make the sound slightly more natural, while higher values can be used as a special effect. Stereo Phasing can introduce clicks, since the oscillators start somewhere ‘inside’ the waveform. You can fix this by using a volume envelope with a short attack time.

Notes & Tips

  • Since the 3xOsc generator acts as an addition to the standard integrated Sampler, it is usually not enough to save direct 3xOsc presets rather than full channel presets which hold the complete sound. As a result, default 3x Osc presets will be found in /Channel presets/3x Osc/ in the browser.
  • Stereo Phasing can introduce clicks since the oscillators start somewhere "inside" the shape function. You can easily fix this by using a volume envelope with a short attack time.

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