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jueves, 12 de junio de 2008

Acousmodules - SpatSurround 1X free download


Acousmodules - SpatSurround 1X

SpatSurround 1X

Mac OS XMac OS X Universal Binary 1.0c DownloadReleased

SpatSurround 1X is a 5.1 Surround Module.


  • One input to six outputs.
  • Global setting of area.
  • Low cut filter and separate level for the LFE channel.
  • Visual indicator of the level for each speaker.

Acousmodules - SpatSurround 2X

SpatSurround 2X

SpatSurround 2X is a 5.1 Surround Module.


  • Two inputs to six outputs.
  • Separate position control for each voice.
  • Global setting of area.
  • Low cut filter and separate level for the LFE channel.
  • Visual indicator of the level for each speaker.

Acousmodules - SpatSurround 7.1

SpatSurround 7.1

SpatSurround 7.1 is a 7.1 Surround Module.


  • Stereo input with separate position control of the two voices.
  • Free position of the seven channels/speakers.
  • Independent position control of the left and right inputs.
  • Linking of the right channel to the left, with X, Y shift and mirror, all automatable.
  • Separate area setting for each input/output channel plus a global adjustment factor.
  • Precise numerical values of intensity control for each output.
  • Separate level and filter frequency cutoff setting for the LFE channel.
  • MIDI Learn function.
  • Direct standard joystick compatibility.

Acousmodules - SpatSynth 8

SpatSynth 8

Windows 1.1 DownloadReleased

Subtractive synth:

  • 2 oscillators
  • 1 multimode resonant filter
  • 3 LFOs
  • 2 envelopes
  • Frequency modulation and synchro between the two oscillators
  • 8 modulated outputs with gestual control of the most important parameters associated with spatial movements.
  • 10 notes polyphony.

SpatTest 5.1

SpatTest 5.1 is a test signal generator for 5.1 surround configurations.


  • Choice of waveform signal.
  • Frequency from 20 to 2000 Hz.
  • Can play .WAVs.

Acousmodules - SpatVerb 88

SpatVerb 88

Windows 1.1b DownloadReleased

Octophonic reverberation with 8 inputs / outputs, separate parameters for each channel.

Acousmodules - Surroundizer


Windows 1.1 DownloadReleased

Surroundizer offers stereo to surround translation.

Common features:

  • Activation and free 2D position of up to eight loudspeakers, compatible with all surround settings from 4.0 to 7.1, including true octophony (8.0).
  • Mono or stereo input.
  • Graphic 2D representation space.
  • Connexions according to the ITU/SMPTE standard.
  • Separated levels for each output channel.
  • Variable mix of the three sections plus the reverberation.
  • Individual spatial areas and amplitude curves for each section.

Three spatialization sections: Cinetic, Spectral and "LCRS".

Cinetic section:

  • Analysis of the main frequency (pitch tracker) and the intensity (volume tracker) of the two input channels.
  • Modulation of the X/Y position of the two inputs according to the analyzed signal values.
  • Settings for the default center position, the amplitude of the movement and the smoothness.
  • Each channel tracker can control the X or Y position of the two inputs.
  • Manual mode for use like any surround module and host automations.

Spectral section:

  • Division of the two inputs signals in four frequency bands with three variable crossover filters.
  • Each frequency band can be freely positioned (and automated) inside the 2D space.
  • Levels settings for each band / channel.


  • Simulation of the old Prologic surround sound (5 channels only).


  • Stereo reverberation with spatial position of the two channels and the area expansion.
  • Individual delay and phase settings for the four surround channels (5 to 8).
  • Two parametric filters for the center channel (must be improved).
  • Optional bass management for the fourth channel.
  • Pre-assigned MIDI controllers for easy use with a control surface.
  • 128 patches.
  • Inline help.

The freeware version is limited to processing only one input.

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