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jueves, 12 de junio de 2008

ag-works free vsti catalog list


ag-works - Chorus CH-2

Chorus CH-2

Chorus CH-2 is a rich chorus effect using "all-pass interpolation" to achieve better quality in frequency modulation. It features an original way to manage the chorus parameters, which allows the users to take total control over the intrinsic aspects of every single voice, in a fast and intuitive way.


  • Thousands of possible sound configurations, from classic to weird sounding.
  • Full automation support.
  • Improved hi-quality engine (evolution of the previous Chorus CH-1).
  • Brilliant and clean tone (ideal for Guitars, voices and pads).
  • Good for both extremely wide stereo effects and mono tracks.

ag-works - Sonogram SG-1

Sonogram SG-1
Sonogram SG-1is a real-time sonogram allowing for fast and detailed spectral analysis.

Sonogram SG-1 Features:

  • Six scientific color palettes, each of them can highlight different dynamic ranges, from high power kick drum beats, to little spikes coming out from the noise floor.
  • Snapshots-per-second control that can be changed on the fly, to increase or decrease the time resolution.
  • At any time you can change the zoom ratio, without loosing frequency details for the signals which have already passed by.
  • The zoomed screen can be scrolled while analyzing, to easily locate the frequency range of interest.
  • Pause the visualization with the "freeze" control.
  • Both in frozen or running mode, every time you click or drag within the sonogram area, frequency and amplitude rulers highlight the values corresponding to that point.
  • Every palette can be shifted by simply dragging the dB ruler, to better contrast the right amplitude ranges.
  • A mark button is provided to highlight interesting parts of the waveform for subsequent individuation.
  • Every parameter supports host automation.

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