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jueves, 12 de junio de 2008

Agitated State - MenuMagic


MenuMagic MenuMagic MenuMagic MenuMagic MenuMagic MenuMagic MenuMagic

MenuMagic is designed to support Cakewalk's DAWs such as Sonar or Project 5 and allow you to control how your VST and DX plug-ins will appear within Cakewalk's Instrument and Effects menus. MenuMagic currently supports the current versions of Project5 and Sonar as well as any older Cakewalk DAW that is capable of using the latest version of Cakewalk's VST Adapter (this includes Project5 v2 and Sonar versions 3 thru 5). A list of supported DAWs is shown below.

MenuMagic's currently implemented features:

  • Vista compatible.
  • Recognizes and automatically pre-Categorizes over 850 different plug-ins when program is run for the first time or when a new plug-in is discovered.
  • Allows you to quickly and easily customize the arrangement of your VST & DX plug-ins into Categories that will act as sub-menus within Sonar, Project5 and other Cakewalk DAWs.
  • Categories are completed customizable. Easily Add, Delete or Rename Categories and/or modify their tooltip descriptions.
  • Automatic plug-in setting synchronization between your different Cakewalk DAWs.
  • If you organize your Project5 plug-ins, your Sonar plug-ins settings will match. This includes categorization (what menus plug-ins appear in) and name fixes (fix once/fixed everywhere.).
  • If you have Sonar6 and Sonar7 installed you can assign the Plug-in Menu Layout being saved as the default layout for various system menus (e.g. SynthRackSynths, TrackAudioEffects, TrackSynths, etc.) to either S6, S7 or both.
  • Thorough use of tooltips (mouse over hints) though out MenuMagic make the program easy to learn and understand.
  • Sophisticated plug-in name managements tools such as:
    • Cascading find and replace options that can operate globally or on selected plug-in names.
    • Prefix or suffix plug-in names based on type (i.e. VST, VSTi, DX, DXi)
    • If you have Sync Layer option switched on (the default setting) any changes made are automatically applied to all Plug-in System Layers (VST Adapter, Project5v2.5, Sonar6 or higher).
  • Hide plug-ins from appearing within your DAW or unHide them - quick, easy & NON-PERMANENT.
  • Menu Preview option lets you see how your settings will appear within Cakewalk menus before you implement your changes.
  • Your MenuMagic settings are preserved and protected from VST Adapter changes - re-implement your settings with one click.
  • VST Adapter monitor - warns you when the VST Adapter has changed system settings that will effect your plug-ins.
  • Plug-in Status tab notifies you of plug-in modifications, system changes, warns you of stale backups, un-applied changes and more.
  • Fully searchable Plug-in Info Grid shows you details on all your VST / DX plug-ins and identifies duplicates. Multi-column bi-directional sorts let you see your data in whatever manner you desire. Grid has a full screen mode option as well.
  • Customize the appearance of MenuMagic to your taste with selectable skins plus tweakable hue and saturation settings.
  • Cakewalk VST registry backup/restore tools.
  • Global Plug-in undo - oops proof - one button resets all of your plug-ins settings back to how they were before using MenuMagic. This feature also works great if you have to switch between Cakewalk & non-Cakewalk DAWs - and re-implementing your previous MenuMagic settings is a one click operation.
  • Global Program reset - reset all of MenuMagic settings back to their initial out-of-the-box defaults.
  • Found a bug or got a program suggestion? Bug Report button allows you to easily submit your problem or request directly to Agitated State to be reviewed by our programmers.
  • MenuMagic has been test with the following Cakewalk DAWs:
    • SONAR 7 All Editions (Producer & Studio)
    • SONAR 6 All Editions
    • SONAR 5 All Editions
    • SONAR 4 All Editions
    • SONAR 3 All Editions
    • Project5 Version v2 & v2.5
  • It should also work on
    • Guitar Tracks Pro 3
    • Home Studio 2
    • Home Studio 2 XL
    • Music Creator 2
    • Kinetic

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