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domingo, 15 de junio de 2008

Arboretum Systems - Ray Gun Pro


Ray Gun Pro
Ray Gun Pro cleans up scratchy vinyl's pops and clicks, hum, rumble, tape hiss, noisy dialog, HVAC noise and any track with poor sonic quality, leaving your original sound intact.

  • Intelligent Search Function: Ray Gun finds and eliminates noise, all by itself. Fine-tune the processing using Ray Gun's simple Attenuation, Threshold and Sensitivity controls.
  • Noise Reduction: Ray Gun uses fast spectral analysis, a downward expansion function and special search-and-destroy noise busting technology to reduce or eliminate broadband noise, including fan sound and tape hiss.
  • Pop/Click Removal: Ray Gun finds the spikes, clicks and pops in your file, and seamlessly removes them from your audio.
  • Filtering: Get rid of pesky 60-cycle hum and low-end rumble. For European electrical systems they've also included 50-cycle hum filtering.
  • Level Correction: If the noise reduction you've selected is so extreme that the overall level is decreased, you can make up for the volume loss at the output stage.
  • Enhancement: The Enhancements section of Ray Gun DirectX offers a classical bass/treble equalizer and a stereo enhancer.
  • Automation: When used within a Windows DirectX plug-in host that supports this feature Ray Gun Pro DX parameter changes can be fully automated.

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