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lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

AtomSplitter Audio pack de synths desconocidos vsti unknows


AtomSplitter Audio - Forma-8

Price (MSRP): Free

Windows 1.0.2 DownloadReleased

Forma-8 is a free formant filter which can morph between vowels using 4 corners of a XY pad - this allows you to make a range of human sounding effects on whatever you are applying it too. There is a modulation knob which allows you to mix in the amount used - this can make a shaking gated effect as it modulates the internal filters. There are also resonance and mix controls which allow you to apply the effect less powerfully and have just a bit of the effect, if you wish. As well as the vowel selection you have a choice of spoken and sung types and male and female genders.

AtomSplitter Audio - G8-R

Price (MSRP): $9.99

Windows 1.3 DownloadReleased

G8-R is a gate effect which can be set to your hosts tempo, you can create custom patterns quickly with its various randomizing features or simply draw your own pattern by hand, there are also some useful presets to help you get started. The effect can be controlled using various sources including your PC's keyboard and of course MIDI input, there is also the option to play your pattern in reverse. G8-R also features a filter and various global controls which can be modulated by various sources. Using this effect you can create a trance gate simply or just apply humanizing volume adjustments to your audio and save your settings for later use.


  • Randomizing options.
  • 4 different control methods.
  • Tempo Sync.
  • Forward and reverse modes.
  • Built in filter and global controls.
  • Mono and stereo output modes.
  • Modulation controls.
  • GUI by Rick Christy of Designer Monkey.

G8-R is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows and costs $9.99. A demo version is available.

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