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lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

AtomSplitter Audio - Pulsation Plus vst plugins information


AtomSplitter Audio - Pulsation Plus

Pulsation Plus
Price (MSRP): $15.99

Windows 1.10 DownloadReleased

Pulsation Plus is the big brother of the free Pulsation Lite. The project began as an experiment into pulse wave synthesis and lets you explore this with modulation options. Although limited to one form of synthesis there are a range of possible sound outputs which can be further changed with the included tempo sync'd LFO to control modulations and also built in effects to further shape and distort the sound. The synth is set out simply and is easy to edit and make your own sounds and there are also additional preset functions such as random and init modes to further make it easy to use. To demonstrate some of the possibilities of the advanced options over Lite, Pro-Sounds has made a bank of 64 presets only available in Plus.

Pulsation Plus key features:

  • 4 pulse-waves each with LFO and ENV modulation options with visual graph for waveform shape.
  • 4 stage ADSR amplitude envelope with visual graph for envelope shape.
  • Keytracking filter with low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject, and peaking configurations.
  • 4 stage ADSR filter envelope with visual graph for envelope shape.
  • Tempo-syncable sine, saw, square, triangle, or noise LFO to modulate filter and pulse-widths.
  • Multi-effect delay, chorus, and distortion each with toggles and mix knobs.
  • Easy 1 knob velocity adjustment and modulation wheel amount adjustment.
  • Pitchbend range from -12 to +12 steps.
  • Tune from -5 to +5 octaves and 12 semi-tones per octave adjustment.
Plus features a range of differences not included in Lite including:
  • A bank of 64 presets from Pro-Sounds.
  • A randomizer.
  • A View of the pulse output.
  • Moog, Vintage and Formant filter modes.
  • S+H (Sample And Hold) LFO mode.
  • Tempo sync option for the delay.
  • Global effects mix amount and bypass.
  • A Single or Stereo trance gate with sync.
  • Control readout section.

Price (MSRP): Free

Windows 1.0.1 DownloadReleased

SimpliChorus is a simple stereo chorus effect, it is also an auto-pan and volume-gate effect. You can adjust the rate in sync and also an independent control with fine. There is feedback and smoothing of the LFO controlling the chorus.

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