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lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

Az Audio - Ultra Trigger FX is a VST effect plugin specially designed for real-time/live audio work -


Ultra Trigger FX
Price (MSRP): Free / €10 / €25

Windows 1.147/1.152/1.100 DownloadReleased

Ultra Trigger FX (UTFX) is a VST effect plugin specially designed for real-time/live audio work - the main idea behind this multi FX is 'triggering': FX selection and mix value can be made directly from a MIDI keyboard or a MIDI control surface.

Ultra Trigger FX is available in three versions:

  • Ultra Trigger FX Free
  • Ultra Trigger FX Basic
  • Ultra Trigger FX Pro

Ultra Trigger FX Free [Free]

Ultra Trigger FX Free is the same as Ultra Trigger FX Basic except for the MIDI functionality.The map interface have been removed and the two trigger benches are automated with some pre-defined MIDI keys. All sliders can be automated with CC by editing assignments in an inifile, included in the download package.

Ultra Trigger FX Basic [€10]

Ultra Trigger Basic is the same product as the original Ultra Trigger FX (before the product line was split into three).


  • 1 FX selector "button bench".
  • 1 synced value "button bench".
  • 1 synced delay with feedback, high and low damping.
  • 1 glifter (glide/drift) to produce some scratch/tape stop-like FX.
  • 1 flanger with feedback damping.
  • 1 six stages standard phaser.
  • 1 decimator unit with sampling rate reduction, bit depth reduction and a saturation.
  • 1 realtime slicer with looping speed control and a quantized variator.
  • 1 ring accumulator with feedback and low damping.
  • 1 tri combs with a chord selector, feedback and root note selector.
  • 1 shared LFO with 6 shapes (sin,tri,square,saw up,saw down and sample & hold).

Technical specifications:

  • Full stereo processing.
  • Two phases Low frequency oscillator with sync offset.
  • Dry/wet signal smoother.
  • Maximum mix level defined for each FX.

The 'synced value' trigger bench is used to drive a specific parameter of each FX:

  • Delay: delay time.
  • Glifter: glifting ramp reset frequency.
  • Flanger: delay modulation frequency.
  • Phaser: all-pass filters frequency modulation.
  • Decimator: sampling rate reduction ratio.
  • RT Slicer: offset to read in the sampling buffer.
  • Ringer: delay time.
  • TriCombs: tonality in MIDI scale (pitch).

These values are synced to the VST host in double-croche values (from 1 to 8, as time or as frequency value).

MIDI specifications:

  • The two benches of buttons can be automated with both MIDI notes and CC (all channels).
  • The faders can be automated with MIDI CC.
  • The MIDI map is implemented in a classic grid directly connected to the plugin MIDI system, once a value edited it can be tested directly. Editing and saving is accessible with the popup menu on the main interface.

Ultra Trigger FX Pro is based on Ultra Trigger FX Basic. The concept of this plugin remains the same: 8 fx can be played in real time thanks to two 'triggers benches'. However, some new features increase the potential of the effect:

  • FX dynamism: FX can be created/deleted on each of the 8 fx slots.
  • Stereo/mono (stereo merged) version of most of the UTFX B FX.
  • A set of new FX:
    • Doppler: a simple doppler effect based on ADopplerEn.
    • Multitaps: a Delay with 4 tape heads.
    • Clorus: a chorus.
    • PitchACCum: a granular pitch shifter with a delay line.
    • FreqACCum: a FFT based frequency shifter with a delay line.
    • DynFm1,DynFm2: Two simple FM osc with modulation controlled by the input.
    • Reverse: a sound reverser.
    • OverGrain: a granulator.
    • Granushift: a delay-based pitch shifter.
    • LP4Sinsat, LP4varsat: two LP 4 poles filters with a saturation.
  • Each of these FX has a specific parameter controlled by the 'SyncedValues triggers' button bench.
  • FX palette: FX can be drag and dropped from a list to the slot
  • FX chaining: FX can process audio output of another FX (from 1 to 8 FX in chain)
  • Classic FX mode: in this mode triggering a SV pad doesn't automate the mix fader and the fx behaves almost like a classic VST effect.
  • Various GUI improvements: buttons highlighting, better display of parameters values.

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