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lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

Basement Arts - Reflex vst effect plugins download


Price (MSRP): €149 / €189

Windows 1.0.1 DownloadReleased
Mac OS X 1.0.1 DownloadReleased


  • Modular Slice Routing.
  • Slice Sequence Editor.
  • Realtime "Bar Swap".
  • Automatic Beat Matching (Sync to Host Tempo).
  • Anti-Click Micro Envelope.
  • Double Function Mouse Buttons (LEFT / RIGHT).
  • Hit point Detection.
  • Synchronized Multistep Envelopes.
  • Midi Controlled Beat Morphing.
  • 3 Different Midi Play Modes.
  • LP/HP/Bandpass/Notch Filter -.with pre and post Distortion.
  • H.Q. Stereospread and Analog Sounding Compressor.
  • 4 Loop Engines.
  • Lofi effects.
  • Graphical Slice Point User Interface.
  • Intelligent Library Handling for fast Loop Browsing.
  • Integrated VSTi Connection to Online Drumloop - Library Includes Artists Sampling CD House,Electronica, R & B,Dance, Pop Loops.
  • Fat Bitcrusher.
  • 24 BIT 192 KHZ WAV/AIFF Support.
  • Prosoniq MPEX2 Time and Pitch machine.

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