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lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

Benedict Roff-Marsh - PreRoll Recorder free download


PreRoll Recorder
Price (MSRP): (Australian) $10

Windows 1.1 DownloadReleased

PreRoll Recorder is a wave file recorder that records a continuous loop of audio and is designed to sit in the background as a recoverable backup for those times when you do something really great but your sequencer wasn't in record.


  • Save moments of brilliance from jam sessions.
  • Avoid the "fear of the red button" syndrome.
  • Record singers without them being aware - for more spontaneous takes.
  • Recover from "oops, I forgot to press record" moments.
  • Record VSTi and mix sections.
  • Record noodling and jamming for later cut-up.
  • Record everything happing in a session without fear of crashing your drive.

PreRoll Recorder records forever but it switches between two wave files. The chances of having desired events falling on the joins are statistically unlikely as a pop song is generally only 3 mins long and a solo or verse is less than a third of that. But it could happen so the two wave files overlap by about 5 seconds which means that if your moment of inspiration did fall on the changeover point a single take could be re-constructed in an audio app or your sequencer from the two wave files (so long as your whole flash of brilliance was shorter than the total recording loop).

PreRoll Recorder comes with options for:

  • 15 mins Loop (2 x 7.5 mins)
  • 30 mins Loop (2 x 15 mins)
  • 60 mins Loop (2 x 30 mins)

Audio quality can be set to:

  • 16 Bit Mono
  • 16 Bit Stereo
  • 24 Bit Mono
  • 24 Bit Stereo

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