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martes, 17 de junio de 2008

Big Tick - Angelina vsti pads vsti pads Big Tick - Cheeze Machine vsti plugins


Price (MSRP): €30

Windows 1.3 DownloadReleased

  • 2 tuned oscillators and 1 breath oscillator.
  • Graphical multipoint envelopes with curvature controls.
  • X/Y control pad for formants morph control.
  • MIDI control with assignable controllers.
  • Unison mode, chorus and reverb for ultra-rich vocal pads.

Big Tick - Cheeze Machine

Cheeze Machine
Price (MSRP): Free

Windows 1.3.2 DownloadReleased
Mac OS XMac OS X Universal Binary 1.3.2 DownloadReleased

  • This little synth generates sound by feeding a simple, saw-like waveform, into a chorus ensemble emulator, a 6-stages phaser, and a Reverb
  • Up to 32 notes polyphony, with the same note stealing algorithm as EP-Station
  • Fully midi-controlled
  • Supports Doepfer Pocket Control midi controller
  • Available with 2 different GUI's

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