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martes, 17 de junio de 2008

Big Tick - EP-Phazer


Big Tick - EP-Phazer

  • 2 independent left/right phasers.
  • Full stereo effect, with cross-feedback between left and right channels.
  • Available for free for registered users of EP-Station, Angelina and Rainbow.

Big Tick - EP-Station

  • EP-station generates sound by mixing 3 different raw electric piano FM models. The mix output is then processed by a tremolo, a phaser, a stereo chorus, and an autopan effects
  • Each of the 3 models have separate controls for mix level, tuning, decay time, brightness, and velocity response (with 3 different velocity curves). The playing velocity can be used to control the overall model level, or its brightness, or both
  • Thanks to its powerful note stealing algorithm, dense passages can be played, even with a limited maximum polyphony

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