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martes, 10 de junio de 2008

Big Tick - Rhino Rhino features a huge list of built-in waveforms.


Price (MSRP): €70

Windows 2.0.4 DownloadReleased


  • Rhino features a huge list of built-in waveforms.
  • Up 6 oscillators per voice for a huge sound!

Additive Generator

  • The built-in additive synthesizer can be used to define new waveforms.

Ultra-slick graphic envelopes

  • Graphical multipoint envelopes with curvature controls.
  • Envelopes can be synchronized to tempo.
  • Each oscillator has his own level, pitch, and waveshaping amount.

Waveshaping section

  • Each oscillator can have his own waveshaper.
  • Waveshaper can be modulated by an envelope, keyboard tracking, velocity or aftertouch.

Filter section

  • Dual multimode filter, with -12/-24/-36 dB/oct. slopes.
  • Use the amazing Rhino envelopes to control the filter and create rhythmic patterns.

Keyboard tracking controls

  • Graphical curves for keyboard and velocity tracking.
  • Control Envelopes levels and times, oscillators pitch, and many over parameters.

Routing Matrix

  • A comprehensive routing matrix, visible at all times, defines the FM settings for the 6 oscillators.
  • 2 Ring modulators enhance the power of the FM synthesis engine.
  • Oscillators and Ring Modulators can be freely routed through the 2 multimode filters.

Step sequencer

  • The built-in 16 steps sequencer allows to generate hypnotic patterns and unique effects.
  • The sequencer is synced to the host tempo.
  • Separate control over note, length and velocity.
  • Random sequencer mode, to emulate the wonderful features of the Jupiter series arpeggiators.

Multi-effects section

  • Many effects included (chorus, flanger, phaser, delays, reverbs, ...)
  • Up to 2 effects per patch.
  • Parallel and serial modes.

Other features

  • Rhino includes Big Tick's new, unique user-defined controls system.
  • Assignable midi controls.
  • Microtuning (using Scala .tun files).
  • Includes 64 presets.
  • The demonstration version has save and automation disabled.

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