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martes, 17 de junio de 2008

Blue Cat Audio - Blue Cat's Widening Meter Pro free download


Blue Cat's Widening Meter Pro
Price (MSRP): €39

Windows 1.0 DownloadReleased

Blue Cat's Widening Meter Pro measures the RMS and Peak level of the mid and side channels. Thanks to its advanced MIDI and automation features, it is possible to monitor the mono compatibility of a mix as well as phase cancellation issues. Another possible usage of this tool is the control of other effects with the envelopes of the mid or side channel. As shown in the tutorials available on the website, it is easy to setup stereo enhancement or mid/side sidechain ducking effects.

Main features:

  • Digital Peak & RMS mid/side Vu-Meter.
  • Choose the virtual center position for the mid channel
  • Control in real time any MIDI-controllable plug-in or external MIDI device with the RMS or peak envelope of the mid and side channels of the audio
  • Record the output parameters (peak, RMS value, transformed envelopes, clip etc.) as automation curves.
  • Manage the output envelope shape: record reversed envelope, change amount of signal, and offset the generated envelope.
  • Advanced signal monitoring with envelopes real time display.
  • Easy 'stereoness' and phase cancellation measurement.
  • Skinnable user interface.

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