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viernes, 20 de junio de 2008

Buzz Generator Adapter tutorial tips & help


Buzz Generator Adapter

Buzz Generator Adapter is a wrapper for Buzz generator machines. You can find a huge collection of Buzz machines at www.BuzzMachines.com. Be aware, however, that there are some buggy ones around, and the stability of your project may be compromised.


  • Note Parameter - Selects which parameter is used to send note messages. Not all plugins use this format for notes (except MIDI notes).
  • Polyphony - Sets the polyphony of the loaded plugin. Some plugins may not use this property.
  • Don't Send Note Offs - Some synths do not require note off messages and sending such can cause problems. Use this parameter only if needed.
  • Use MidiNote() - Uses an alternative for passing notes to the plugins. Some plugins may require Note Parameter instead (consult the plugin manual).
  • Select Machine - Click this button to browse for a Buzz machine plugin.
  • Parameter Sliders - Used to control Buzz machine parameters. These behave as normal FL Studio parameters (right-click the sliders to access the default parameter menu of FL Studio).
  • Attributes - Click this button to launch a window with additional parameters for the machine.
  • Commands - Click this button to launch a menu with commands for the machine. When the machine doesn't have commands, this button is disabled.
  • Import Buzz Preset… - Loads Buzz machine presets.

Plugin Credits: Oskari Tammelin

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