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miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

ChordSpace - ChordSpace Playa vsti plugins free


ChordSpace - ChordSpace


ChordSpace is a plug-in that generates MIDI chords. No knowledge of theory is needed to use it; you simply click around until you find a progression that works for you. ChordSpace has a palette of over 200 chords per key, all logically laid out so that great progressions are easy.

If you would like to understand a bit more of the theory behind it the ChordSpace website has a friendly overview.

ChordSpace - ChordSpace Playa

ChordSpace Playa

Building upon the success of the original ChordSpace, Playa distills harmonic theory into a MIDI plug-in that manages to be both hugely powerful and deceptively easy to use. Playa puts complex chords at your fingertips and dynamically scale-locks your MIDI keyboard to those chords so that you are always playing the correct scale over them. Just like an accomplished pianist.

Even if you are an accomplished pianist, Playa can lead you to new and unexpected chord progressions.

Key features include:

  • A huge range of chords at your fingertips.
  • The right chords for the key. Playa knows harmonic theory so all the chords are relevant to the key.
  • The ability to split your MIDI keyboard into Chord and Melody sections with the melody section dynamically locked to the correct scale for the chord of the moment.
  • Advanced Strum and Arpeggiator articulations.
  • Alternate modes for the chords.

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