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miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

Computer Music - CMplay



Developed by Muon Software, CMplay is distributed exclusively with Computer Music magazine (UK).

Computer Music magazine have long supplied hundreds of high-quality WAV and AIFF format samples on their cover DVD - but until now, there has been no integrated way to browse and play those samples. CMplay, based on Muon's Tachyon Engine technology, allows the user to browse samples from the CD just by flicking through the supplied patches. Patches can also be layered or stacked and processed with four powerful independent FX units.


  • 16-part multi timbral
  • Groove Sequencer on each part for sync'd playback of sliced loops and standard MIDI files.
  • 4 FX Units (2xinsert, 2xsend).
  • 18 different stereo FX types.
  • Limited patch editing capabilities.
  • Quick access to patches via built-in browser menus.
  • Imports its own patch format, SR202 drum kits and DS404 patches/banks.

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