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jueves, 19 de junio de 2008

ConcreteFX - Adder free download descargar gratis


Price (MSRP): $48

Windows 1.6 DownloadReleased

  • Adder uses 32 partials, each partial can use one of four different waveforms. Sine/saw/triangle and square waves are initially built in but you can use any small sample as a waveform (300 waveforms are supplied with Adder for your use).
  • Partials - each partial has it's own volume, harmonic, tuning' FM & phase settings, and each belongs to one of eight volume and pitch group. These groups are use in the modulation matrix so partials can have different volume, pitch & FM envelopes / LFOs, etc.
  • Samples - Adder's built in sample loader allows to load in any short 16 bit sample. Samples can be looping or single shot and can be re-triggered using step sequences. A sample shaper allows filtering, reversing, distortion, etc. of any of the samples.
  • Filters - two 12/24 low/high/band pass/band reject + ring mod or comb filters. Each partial can be sent to either or both of these filters. These filters have built-in distortion and waveshaping and can be use in serial or in parallel.
  • Fat Mode - in this the first sixteen partials are doubled and de-tuned so to create fatter sounds. Combined with stereo widening this creates much bigger sounds.
  • Playing Modes - Adder can work in poly' mono or legato mode.
  • Modulators - Adder has eight envelopes, step sequences and LFO's. Envelope can have up-to 32 stage, each stage having variable slopes. Each envelope has user-definable loop & release points for complex patterns.
  • Modulation matrix - a powerful modulation matrix allows you to modulate all the controls using envelopes, LFOs, step sequences, any MIDI controls'velocity, note played and in/out volume.
  • Effects - Cross delay, chorus/flanger, 3 band equalizer and compressor effects.
  • Adder comes with 160 presets (more to follow) and manual in PDF format.

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