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jueves, 26 de junio de 2008

DarkWare - Glitch Jockey free programs download


Glitch Jockey
Price (MSRP): Free

Windows 12.30.05 DownloadReleased

Glitch Jockey is a multi-effect LFO and vector controlled audio manipulation device designed to create "a new kind of glitch" intensely. Each internal effect has been tailored specifically towards glitchy sounding audio affection. All internal effects can be layered to user's specifications using secular bypass settings.

All internal effects have their parameters controlled individually by their own LFOs with separate cycling speeds. Each LFO uses a global waveform defined by the user. Each internal effect can also be synced to the G-Vector interface.

The G-Vector interface plots all effects' parameters on an X-Y grid, controlling every effect simultaneously if said effect is toggled to use the G-Vector. This control allows the user to dynamically and kinetically "ride the glitch" for realtime live tweaking of source material.

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