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lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

Deadly Drums Vol 1 & 2 (wav)


100% New Custom Sounds

Thick Kicks (130) - Every Hip-Hop track needs a bone crushing Kick Drum. If you're looking for ambient Kicks like The Neptunes or Scott Storch use, or just plain hard Kicks similar to Dr. Dre, you won't have any problem finding what you need.

Snappy Snares (150) - Whether you're looking for thick, gritty, and lo-fi Snares like DJ Premier or Alchemist, or crisp, clean snares like Hi-Tek or Denuan Porter, you'll find it on this CD, guaranteed!

Custom Claps (30) - Claps are being used more and more by chart-topping producers these days. From Just Blaze's Snap/Clap's, to Timbaland's Lo-Fi claps, they're everywhere. You might've noticed how hard it is to find clean, unique clap sounds. This kit offers a wide variety of custom sounds - from simple hand claps to thick, multi-layered club claps. You'll love these.

Crisp Hi-Hats (100) - Hi-Hats are often over looked when selecting a drumkit, however, they are usually just as important as any other sound. Whether you need want speedy, double-time hi-hats like Lil' Jon, or simply want thick, crisp hi-hats like Pete Rock, you'll have a huge selection of hi-hats to choose from.

Cymbals / Crashes (30) - You can never have enough cymbals or crashes in your drum arsenal. Producers like The Heatmakerz sprinkle their tracks with crashes and cymbals to add intensity and movement. If you like to make big buildups and breakdowns in your beats, these work perfectly.

Smooth Shakers (30) - Shakers are a great tool to get a rhythm going in your beats. Many top producers such as Just Blaze, Rodney Jerkins, and The Neptunes are using shakers to define their tracks. Whether you're creating an up-tempo club track or a smoothed out Neo-Soul type track, these shakers are perfect.

Percussion - (30) If you've ever wanted exotic percussion sounds in your music, look no further. Bongos, Congas, Tablas, Timbales, Tom-Toms, Tambourines, and much more. Whether you want Latin or Middle Eastern percussion, this disk has it all. If you like the percussion styles of Timbaland and Missy Elliot, you'll need this disk!

Deadly Drums Vol 1 (wav)

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