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domingo, 29 de junio de 2008

Digital Sound Demon - Millennium Falcon


Millennium Falcon
Developer: Digital Sound Demon
Price (MSRP): $89

Millennium Falcon is a SoundFont based synth plug-in.


  • 32-bit sample-playback engine.
  • VSE (Virtual Sample Extend) Technology.
  • Two LFOs with waveform types, pitch and modulation depth control.
  • 6-Stage 3D Vector Envelope Generators with 3 modes and over 10 types of response curves.
  • Advanced Shaping Engine.
  • Digital Zoom technology.
  • Emotion Engine.
  • Natural release sample (length control for more natural sounds).
  • Cross-fade between original sample and release sample.
  • Separate Envelop Generator for release samples.
  • 4 different types of velocity response curve.
  • 9 Different Filter Modes, including 5-pole EQ, warmth and moog.
  • Includes a separate 5 in 1 VST effect, including reverb, chorus, pan, flange and phase.

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