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miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

Direct Wave - Options tutorials free 2


Direct Wave - Options

To open the Options Window - Left-click on the 'Options' button above the peak-meter. The options dialog allows you to select the browser directories and rendering quality, and set up an automated sample VST session.


  • Content Library - Point this to your sample library. The directory set here will also be the default used when saving DWP files and sample data.
  • VST plugins - Point this to your VST plugin directory.

Global Options

  • 64-Point Sinc Engine (High Quality) - Sets the playback engine to high quality interpolation. (band-limited sinc interpolation).
  • Total Recall - Bundles wave data with the project file. Note: this may create large project files, but projects using Direct Wave will be directly portable to other users/machines without the need for separate sample data. By default Total Recall is disabled, and only filename references to the wave files will be saved with the project.
  • File Browser - Turns the integrated Browser on.
  • Multitimbral Mode - Allows Direct Wave to respond independently on all 16 MIDI channels (VST only).
  • Peak Normalize WAV Samples - Maximizes the volume of WAV samples so that the maximum peak hits 100% volume. Equalizes the relative maximum volume of samples.
  • Extract Root Key From Filename - Sets the sample root key from the file name, e.g. C4Strings.WAV will set the Root Key to C4.

VST Instrument Host

  • Current Instance - Host a VST instrument in Direct Wave for sampling purposes.
  • Selected Program - Selects a program to sample.

VST Instrument Sampler

Sets the automated sampling options. Please be aware that long sample settings combined with multiple velocity layers and small key-steps will result in very large programs.

  • Low Key - Lowest key to sample.
  • High Key - Highest key to sample.
  • Key Step - Number of Keys to step up from the lowest note before taking the next sample.
  • Velocity Splits - Number of velocity layers to sample.
  • Number Programs - When autosampling VSTi Plugins, you can render current program only (set to '1'), or render a number of programs. For example, Num Programs set to 16 will render 16 programs into content library. VST instruments have different number programs, up to 128. Programs and presets in a VST instrument are the same thing.
  • Length (seconds) - Sample duration.
  • Process - Starts auto-sampling.

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