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miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

Download Manager tutorials direct wave


Download Manager

The Download Manager allows you to download additional content for FL Studio and associated plugins. To open the Download Manager, click on the download launcher located on the Online Panel, as shown below.

Some plugins such as FPC and Direct Wave can launch the download manager directly. In this case only content compatible with the plugin will be shown.

Browser Window

The Browser Window shows the files available for download in a directory tree structure. The files shown will automatically match the instrument that launched the Download Manager. The directory tree is divided into two main categories:

  • Downloaded - Files that have already been downloaded.
  • Samplefusion - Files on Samplefusion yet to be downloaded.

To open a category click on the + button in front of the name. To start a download, select a file and click on the Download button or double-click directly on the file name. Note that the availability of content is divided into three different color-coded categories:

    • Yellow (free) = Free to registered FL Studio owners or already purchased.
    • White = Free to registered FL Studio owners.
    • Gray = Locked. To purchase and unlock this content, note the category to which the file belongs and purchase directly from the Samplefusion website. Your purchase will be tagged to your regcode and next time you use the Download Manager the file will be unlocked.

Menu Icons

From left to right in the menu bar, along the top of the download window:

  • Hide all items - Collapses the browser tree.
  • Show CDs - Shows the browser categories.
  • Show all categories - Shows all categories available for download.
  • Show all items - Shows all categories and files available for download.
  • Options menu - Opens the options menu:
    • Cancel - Cancels the download.
    • Pause - Pauses the download.
    • Settings - Contains the Download Manager settings:


        • Refresh list - Refreshes the list with the latest database on the server.


        • All - Shows all downloadable items on the list.
        • Categories - Shows all folders containing downloadable items. Clicking on a folder will download all the items it contains.
        • CDs - Shows all CDs on the list. Clicking on a CD folder or image will download all the contents of that CD.
        • Root - Collapses the list to the highest level categories.
        • Remember window size - Remembers the size of the Download Manager window.
        • Show downloaded patches - Toggles whether the download list will show patch-level data.
        • Show Samplefusion downloads - Toggles whether the download list will show Samplefusion data.
        • Show only new items - Displays only new items since the last time the Download Manager was opened.
        • Default - Selects the default start-up state for the Download Manager (Show All, Categories, CDs, Last view, Root, Show downloaded patches, Show samplefusion downloads).


        • Download locations - Selects the directories in which Directwave, FPC and Synthmaker data, for example, are saved. Choose between the default and custom locations.
        • Download images when I click on an item - Downloads any images associated with the item selected.
        • Download preview when I click on an item - Plays any previews associated with the item selected.
    • Refresh - Updates the browser with the latest Image-Line download data.
    • Search - Enter a file search term, e.g. 'Cello'.

Download Window

Once a file has been set to download, the Download Window will appear (also accessible from Start > Programs > Image-Line > IL Download manager), as shown below. The files will be saved to the default file location for the plugin that activated the Download Manager and be available from the FL Studio Browser. The lower part of the Download Window will display a list of any recently downloaded files in gray. You can queue files for downloading by continuing to select new files in the Browser Window, these will show at the top of the list in black.

Failed downloads - Click on a failed download (ones with an "error" status) to get a description of the error.


  • Clear - Clears the download log.
  • Remove waiting downloads - Removes any queued downloads.
  • Remove temporary files - Clears any partially downloaded files.
  • Add completed items to list - Adds downloaded items to the Downloaded list (first category in the manager directory).
  • Close when downloads are done - Closes the manager when all downloads are complete.
  • Settings - Options for proxy server and port settings, useful if you have trouble with firewalls.
  • Check for updates now - Checks for an updated version of Download Manager.

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