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domingo, 29 de junio de 2008

DSK Music - ZetH more plugin pack collection kostenloses Download download gratuito frigör nedladdningen


DSK Music - mini DrumZ

mini DrumZ

Windows 1.0 DownloadReleased

DSK mini DrumZ is a "Drum ROMpler". It includes 20 kits featuring the sounds of the following drum machines:

  • Ace Tone Rhythm Ace, Kakehashi's pre-Roland sound drum machine.
  • Akai XE8, the 1U rack mount unit with 16-bit drum samples.
  • Akai XR10.
  • Alesis HR-16, one of Alesis's first drum machines.
  • Boss DR-55, first drum machine from Roland with the name Boss.
  • Boss DR-220, typical mid 80's digital drum sounds.
  • Fricke MSB512
  • Kawai R50, 12 bit 32K sampled drums.
  • Korg DDD-1, came with 18 short PCM samples.
  • Korg DDM110, lo-fi and crunchy sounding.
  • Mattel SynSonic, from the people who brought you Barbie.
  • MXR 185, the machine where it's hard to tell rim from snare.
  • Roland CR-78, the 1978 drum machine that used analog drum voices.
  • Roland TR-606, originally designed to be used with the Roland TB-303.
  • Roland TR-727, latin drum kit version of the TR-707.
  • Roland TR-808, originally manufactured for use as a tool for studio musicians to create demos.
  • Roland TR-909, partially analog, partially sample-based drum machine.
  • SCI DrumTraks, Sequential's first digital drum machine.
  • SCI Tom, similar to the DrumTraks but more advanced.
  • Yamaha RX11, the drum machine that looks like a DX.

DSK Music - Odisea


Windows 1.0 DownloadReleased


  • 2 Oscillators.
  • Octave select and micro-detuner.
  • Amp. envelope.
  • Filter.
  • Easy programming.
  • MIDI automation.
  • Preset selector.

DSK Music - ZetH


Windows 1.1 DownloadReleased

  • 3 OSCs.
  • Octave selector & microtuners.
  • 3 LFOs.
  • Envelope.
  • Filter.
  • Effects (Delay, flanger & spacer).
  • Signal multiplier.
  • Noise generator.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • MIDI implementation.

DSK Music - ZitH

Price (MSRP): Free

Windows 1.0 DownloadReleased


  • 3 Layers (30 waveforms).
  • Octave select, ADSR.
  • 3 Advanced LFO (multiple outs).
  • Advanced Filter.
  • Effects (Space, delay, flanger).
  • Arpeggiator.
  • Assignable Automation Capability.

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