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miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

Edison 7. Sample Edit Window



Edison is a fully integrated audio editing and recording tool. Edison loads into an effect slot (in any mixer track) and will then record or play audio from that position. You may load as many instances of Edison as you require in any number of Mixer Tracks or Effects slots. To open Edison press Ctrl+E in a Sampler Channel, or load from the effects menu into mixer track/s.

1. Transport Controls

2. Recording Options

3. Menu Buttons

4. Sample Edit Functions

5. Special Controls

6. Peak Meter

7. Sample Edit Window

Depending on the settings 9 and 10, you can edit the sample, set markers/loop-points, or apply envelopes to the sound.

  • Edit sample - Select 'Waveform Edit Mode' (9).
  • Define a region - Left-click and drag horizontally over the region to be selected. The selection will turn red.
  • Select a region - Left-click on the square tag at the top of any region markers. The selection will turn red.
  • Deselect a region - Double-click in the sample window.
  • Move region start/end - Click at the point where you want the new start/end of the region to be. The start/end points will automatically change to reflect the newly selected point.
  • Apply Envelopes (Pan/Volume/Stereo Separation) - Select the envelope type (10) and right-click to add points, left-click to move points and tension markers.
  • Zoom - Hover over the window and scroll the mouse wheel
  • Horizontal Scroll - Hold the shift key and then scroll the mouse wheel
  • Zoom/Scroll - Click the mouse wheel or middle mouse button and move up/down (zoom) and left/right (scroll).

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