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jueves, 5 de junio de 2008

FL Studio & Reason Advanced Rewire Tutorial


I discovered how to send sounds to separated channels by myself. I couldn' find any tutorial about that on You Tube so I decided to make 1 by myself

How to rewire: There are a lot of tutorials on You Tube that show you how to use Reason with FL studio using the rewire so search.

Benefits of playing sounds in separated channels:
The benefits of that are multiple but it also depends on what you are looking for. For example, is well known that FL studio has a lot more FX to apply to the sounds than Reason. You can also create automations of the volume panning and on the effect without having to create those automations in Reason which is a more difficult task.

Is not necesary to remove the mixer and the mastering unit if you have more instuments in reason that use those units. Simply create a new instument (a subtractor for example) and instead of linking it to the mixer, link the main output to any of the input channels of the "audio in device" excepting the first 2 as you saw in the video .

Anyway, is useful because you have more control over the sound that you are working with. I use reason only to design the sounds. All the arrangements, notes and automations are made in FL studio. That is how I work and that's why this technique is very useful for me. Hope this tutorial helps someone else out there.

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