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sábado, 14 de junio de 2008

FREE Pirezo Acoustic Piano beta demo vsti download


NaokiT has released a beta demo version of Pirezo Acoustic - a new "resonance piano tone generator".

Pirezo AcousticFeatures:

  • Based on 96kHz 24-bit stereo recorded samples.
  • Highly accurate internal 32-bit processing engine.
  • Emulate hammer excitation and independent each 88 string resonance.
  • Natural switch-less dynamics changes.
  • Multi CPU processing.
  • Less dynamic memory with nondestructive compression (no HDD access).
  • 88 poly-tones (*7 harmonics, stereo).
  • Visible resonance indicator.

Pirezo Acoustic functions as a VST instrument plug-in on Windows. A beta trial version is available for download. Pricing and release date for the final version have not yet been announced.

The demo version features an Upright Piano dataset (based on a Japanese "Y" brand upright piano; 44.1kHz only). The full version will feature a Grand Piano Y/K (96/48/44.1kHz) and an Upright Piano Y (96/48/44.1kHz).

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