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viernes, 20 de junio de 2008

Fruit Kick tutorials tips & tricks help


Fruit Kick

Fruit Kick Fruit Kick is a simple kick drum synthesizer. A kick drum sound is synthesized by taking a simple waveform, sine wave, with a fast opening volume envelope and a quickly falling initial pitch. This generator allows you to tweak these parameters.


  • Start sweep frequency (MAX) - Defines the start frequency of the kick sound.
  • End frequency (MIN) - Defines the "sweep to" (end) frequency.
  • Sweep time (DEC) - Defines the pitch sweep time (i.e. pitch decay).
  • Amplitude decay (A. DEC) - The amplitude (volume) decay length.
  • Click (CLICK) - Adds phase offset to the kick sound to produce a click. Turn right for louder click.
  • Distort (DIST) - Applies hard clipping to the sine wave oscillator for "punchier" kick sounds.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin

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