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viernes, 20 de junio de 2008

Fruity Keyboard Controller manuales en ingles tutorials free


Fruity Keyboard Controller

Fruity Keyboard Controller The Fruity Keyboard Controller is an automation control and makes no sound of its own. You can use this plugin to control knob and sliders through out FL Studio. This is achieved by mapping note pitch and velocity fed to the keyboard controller from the Piano roll or Step sequencer to any automatable parameter within FL Studio and 3rd party plugins.

For example, this plugin allows you to quickly implement Pattern Controlled Filtering (PCF), or accurate semitone-to-semitone slides for plugins which do not support natively such features (VSTi and DXi plugins).

The Keyboard Controller exports the following internal controllers:

  • Kb Ctrl - Note - The value of this controller depends on value assigned to each key via the Value for the Current Key parameter (see below).
  • Kb Ctrl - Velocity - The value of this controller depends on the velocity of the triggered notes.


Mapping controls

  • Mapping Drop-Down Menu - Click the button with arrow icon to access the automatic mapping menu. You can map the controller values from 0 (min) to 1 (max) gradually though the entire currently selected region (see Keyboard View below). You can select to map only white keys or white and black keys.
  • Current Note Display - The LCD shows the currently selected note in the Keyboard View (see below).
  • Value for the Current Key - The wheel next to the LCD sets the value of the Kb Ctrl - Note controller for the current note. This parameter does not affect the Kb Ctrl - Velocity controller which uses the note velocity.
  • Release Switch - Turn this option on to set the Note controller to another value on key release.
  • Release Value - The wheel next to the release switch sets the value used after key release (only if the switch is turned on). The value is global for all keys.
  • Smoothing (Envelope Speed) - Sets the attack ("fade in") and release ("fade out") time of the controller. Increase the value of this property to create smoother transitions between the different values of the controller.

Keyboard View

The keyboard view is very similar to the preview keyboard you can see at the bottom of these channel settings pages: Function Settings; Misc Settings; Instrument Settings; Plugin Settings.

It is used to show the current key and set a range for automapping.

  • Current Key - The orange rectangle in the ruler above the keyboard view shows the currently edited key for the controller. Left-click any key to set it asa current key.

  • Key Region - The key region defines the area that is used during automapping. The first note in the region is set to the minimum value (0), while that last is set to the maximum value (1). The rest of the keys in the region are a transition between those two values. You can set the limits of the region by dragging its end points.

Notes & Tips

  • Mapping the keyboard controller to the pitch bend controller of a native FL Studio synth correctly (transposing), requires a range of 8 octaves + 1 semitone. The proper mapping is also present like a preset for the Keyboard Controller: To pitch bend (transposing).
  • If you need to map a different range (+-12 semitones range for standard VSTi synths), don't forget you'll need to automap black & white keys, not just white.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin

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