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miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

How to use channels menu fl studio free tutorials


Channels Menu

The Channels menu contains commands for managing channels.

  • Add One - Contains a list of all generators selected as favorites. Choosing a generator from this menu will add a single instance of it at the bottom of the Step Sequencer window. Click More... to open the Select plugin window, that contains a list of all generators present in FL Studio (including VSTi and DXi).
    • To open a channel containing a plugin - Double-click the generator name.
    • To mark a generator as a 'favourite' - Click the check box preceding the generator name (all plugins preceded by a check mark will appear in the favorites list).
    • To see newly installed plugins - Click Refresh in the bottom of the 'Select plugin' window and select Fast Scan rather than 'Scan & Verify', because it takes a long time to scan since every plugin is opened and verified (which can crash FL Studio if there are buggy plugins). Scan & Verify does, however, sort instruments and FX. VSTis (instruments) are put into a VSTi folder (Channels > Add one > More) and VSTs (FX) in the VST folder (found in the mixer when choosing the VST effect).
  • Clone Selected (Shift+Ctrl+C) - Inserts a clone of each selected channel in the Step Sequencer right after it. The clone retains the generator type of the original, as well as all of its settings, but does not contain its notes and events.
  • Delete Selected (Ctrl+Del)- Removes all selected channels in the Step Sequencer.
  • Move Selected Up ( Alt+Up) - Moves all selected channels one step up in the Step Sequencer.
  • Move Selected Down ( Alt+Down) - Moves all selected channels one step down in the Step Sequencer.
  • Group Selected ( Alt+G) - Adds all selected channels to a group (a popup window displays to enter the name of the group). If a group with the name you specified doesn't exist, it will be automatically created. For more information on channel grouping see the Channel Filtering section in the Step Sequencer page.
  • Color Selected - Provides several options for colouring channel buttons. Useful for grouping instrument types/sections.
    • Gradient ( Alt+C) - Opens a dialog for selecting start and end colors. All selected channels will be colored in sequence from the start to end points in the color space selected.
    • Random ( Ctrl+Alt+C) - Colors channels randomly. This function contains some rules on coloring so it won't look as bad as you might expect.
  • Zip Selected ( Alt+Z) - Turns all selected channels in the Step Sequencer into compact view mode. Right-click the button of a zipped channel to unzip it.

  • Unzip All ( Alt+U) - Unzips all channels in the Step Sequencer.
  • Restretch All - Active only when tempo automation is used. When the tempo is automated the auto-restretch feature is disabled as it is not a real-time process. This feature allows you to adjust the tempo manually and force a restretch.

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