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jueves, 12 de junio de 2008

Plucked! tutorials fl studio tips & tricks



Plucked! is an example of a physical modelling synth, where mathematical formula are used to simulate real sound producing objects, like a plucked string, for example. Plucked implements a ‘Karplus-b’ plucked string model. The curious are invited to search for Karplus-b modelling on Google - however, be prepared for some Math :)


  • Decay knob - Changes the decay time of the plucked sound.
  • Color knob - Changes the tone of the plucked sound from dark (left) to bright (right).
  • Normalize - Tries to make the decay the same for all semitones. Otherwise higher notes have a shorter decay.
  • Gate - Stops the voices abruptly when released. Otherwise the decay keeps going.
  • Widen - Enriches the stereo panorama of the sound.

Notes & Tips

  • Pitch bends are not supported for this generator.
  • The Piano roll allows an offset on the decay & color per voice. While slides can be used to change the decay on the fly, the color works at trigger time only (i.e. they don't change as the voice is running).

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin

Thanks To: Perry Cook for his work on physical synthesis

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