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sábado, 12 de julio de 2008

a0 technologies free plugins info


  • 24 drum pads
  • 4 mute groups
  • 3 stereo outputs
  • 3 analogue sounding compressors
  • Up to 128 voices, with smart polyphony handling
  • Load samples from front panel
  • 64 bit internal mixer
  • Most parameters can be controlled via MIDI
  • Pitch-bend support
  • Note on/off support
  • MIDI velocity re-mapper
  • Cross-velocity support
  • Gentle low pass filter sensitive to MIDI velocity
  • Weighted pan
  • Built-in audio meters
  • Low CPU usage
  • Sample precise synchronisation
  • Can export and import drum kits
  • Can import LM-4 drum kits
  • Supports 8, 16, 20 and 24 bit and 32 bit floating point wave files
  • User friendly editor

  • 16 drum pads
  • 1 mute group
  • Samples tune-able +/- 7 half tones
  • Load samples from the front panel

Mastering Peaks Processor (MPP)

Mastering Peaks Processor (MPP) is an advanced mastering peak limiter, with a variable look-ahead time window. The state-of-the-art algorithm behind the processor offers clean peak limiting without audible distortion.

Thanks to its design MPP also offers an "analog" feel similar to a warm studio compressor with all the accuracy of the 64-bit precision of a digital limiter. No compromise between the sound quality and the CPU usage have been made, except for some clever optimizations that are necessary to get this kind of limiter to work in real-time. No matter how loud the input signal, MPP will always keep the peaks on the limiting threshold.

Applications for MPP:

  • Clean clip-limiting when required.
  • Mastering and volume maximizing.
  • Classic extreme pumping effects.
  • Safe limiter for broadcasting.

Tape Echo
A0 Tape Echo is a more or less faithful emulation of the classic tape echo unit, with some additional features, including an LFO.

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