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sábado, 12 de julio de 2008

Acon Digital Media - AudioLava free download descargas gratis



AudioLava is a solution for restoring and recording high quality audio from Vinyl to CD. AudioLava automatically removes noise such as tape hiss or clicks and crackle on LP records. The Cleaning Wizard helps you to find the best way to bring your analog and digital recordings back to life and guides you through all the steps from recording and track splitting to restoration and CD burning.

The digital emulation of phono preamplifiers allows you to record your music signal without buying an additional phono preamplifier.



  • Recording and playback through any Windows compatible audio device.
  • Cleaning Wizard simplifies LP or tape to CD transfers.


  • Automatic track splitting.

Tools and Plug-Ins

  • Supports DirectX Plug-Ins.
  • Supports VST Plug-Ins.
  • Real-time preview.
  • Preset manager allows you to store user presets for all effect.
  • High quality time stretching.
  • Freehand volume curves.
  • Fade ins and outs with four different curves.
  • Channel mixer for stereo image adjustments.

Audio Restoration

  • Click filter for restoration of LP and 78 RPM recordings.
  • Automatic noise reduction with no need for separate noise profile analysis.
  • Six band full parametric equalizer with graphical display of the frequency response.
  • Synthesis of high frequency components gives life to old recordings.
  • Automatically remove DC offsets.
  • Stereo enhancer.


  • High quality reverb.
  • Echo.
  • Flanger.
  • Chorus.
  • Dynamic processor with graphical input.
  • Pitch transpose — with or without alteration of duration.
  • Harmonizer — with up to four voices.

Reads and writes the following file formats:

  • Ogg-Vorbis-Format (ogg).
  • Wave Audio-Format (wav).
  • Windows Media Audio (wma).
  • MPEG Layer 3 (mp3).
  • Sun Audio Format (au).

Reads the following file formats:

  • AIFF (Macintosh Audio-Dateien).

Imports audio tracks from the following video file formats:

  • MPEG Video (mpg or mpeg).
  • Windows Media Video (wmv).
  • Audio Video Interleave (avi - additional CODECs may be required).


  • Supports the LAME Codec (mp3) if installed.


  • Burn Audio CDs containing your edited tracks.
  • Disc At Once burning (DAO) for gap-less recording.
  • Supports buffer underun protection schemes.

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