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sábado, 12 de julio de 2008

Acousmodules technologies vsti plugins filters fx


AnimaSpat 5 Plus

AnimaSpat 5 Plus is a 5.1 surround module with modulations of the spatial positions.

AutoSpectre 246

Windows 1.2a DownloadReleased


  • Transformation of a stereo signal into 5.1 surround format.
  • Division of the two audio inputs by three crossover filters, plus a low pass.
  • Routing of the eight resulting filter bands on six outputs.
  • Independent levels and mix control.

AutoSpectre 248

Windows 1.2b DownloadReleased


  • Division of the two audio inputs by six crossover filters.
  • Spatial position of the eight resulting filter bands inside an octophonic space.
  • Independent levels control.
  • Can be used in 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 mode.

Acousmodules - MultiJoy 16

MultiJoy 16

Windows 1.4a DownloadReleased


  • 2 x 8 superimposed MIDI joysticks.
  • Inertia parameter.
  • Global change of all the positions by a MIDI keyboard with transitions.
  • Can control up to 16 SpatSurround modules for easy spatialization of 16 sounds together.
  • Can be used with all effects plugins for "morphing" parameter changes

Acousmodules - MultiRec 16

MultiRec 16

Windows 1.4a DownloadReleased


  • Records from three to eight stereo synchronized wave files, for surround and multi-channel recording.
  • The extension numbers are automatically added to the files.
  • Especially made for Audiomulch, Console and EnergyXT.
  • 16 bits only.

Acousmodules - OctoMag


Windows 1.4a DownloadReleased

OctoMag is an eight stereo wave file player which can play independently or synchronized.


  • Visual setting of the start and end points for each player.
  • Loop mode.
  • Manual scrubbing.
  • Separated pitch control.
  • No time limit.
  • 24 bits support.
  • Global rewind and play.

Acousmodules - OctoStretcher

Octophonic gestual (?) pitch and speed variation from four audio files or by grabbing the audio input in realtime.

Acousmodules - SpatHarmo 8

SpatHarmo 8

Windows 1.4a DownloadReleased

SpatHarmo 8 is an Octophonic harmonizer.


  • Eight separate pith shifters.
  • Four octave pitch shift.
  • Free position of the speakers.
  • Free spatial position of each pitch shifter inside the octophonic space.
  • External audio input or integrated wave player with pitch control.
  • Stereo compatible when putting the sounds inside only two speakers.
  • Inertia parameter for smooth variations.
  • Change of the configuration by a MIDI keyboard with transition duration for slow evolutions (may take a lot of CPU!).

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