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jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

AESTESIS free download vj software



Aestesis is a sound to visuals program that has many different psychedelic modules, supports video capture, and lets you mix and key live between the channels. A must have!

This software is only available for the PC at this time, DL your choice below:

aestdos.zip AESTESIS: original DOS ver - tons of options! - wicked!!!
aestesis.zip AESTESIS: ver: 1.10 - Wicked VJ video synth prog, translates sound to visuals, 3DFX required.
aesdk.zip AESTESIS: plug-in software developers toolkit
aestplug.zip AESTESIS: Many wicked plug-ins to extend the feature set. A must DL.
aest_111.zip AESTESIS: Version 1.11 - Now has ChromaKeying! - no 3DFX needed now!
aest_120.zip AESTESIS: Version 1.20, adds video capture & more!
AESTESIS: Version 1.31, adds flash support, and a new interface.

Electronika, the new VJ Software from Aestesis - details soon...

Visit the publisher's website here. (You can download the latest beta of Electronika there too!)

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