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sábado, 12 de julio de 2008

AlgoMusic - M42 Nebula free download descargar gratis


M42 Nebula

Windows 2.0 DownloadReleased

Combining algorithmic rhythmic elements, giant pad and space sounds which can be manipulated in real time, as well as a unique warp function, the M42 brings the quality of virtual instruments to a new level. The M42 is named after the great nebula located in the constellation of Orion.


  • Two synths, each with 4 mode filter, 2 envelope generators, LFO, Pulsar and a complex modulation matrix.
  • Synth 1 (DCO) is a virtual analog synth with 5 different waveforms :triangle, saw, square, pulse1, pulse2. It can be independently tuned from synth 2.
  • Synth 2 (SFO) is a sample oscillator with 5 different types of pad sounds: Fantasy, Analog, Strings, Vintage, and Voices. Both have mono-modes with legato settings and portamento.
  • Two unique modules: The Pulsar and Arpeggiator which when run together can create complex rhythms and arpeggiation effects. The arpeggiator is very different from the usual arpeggiators as it receives its waveform structure from the LFO and is not dependent on chords played on the keyboard. The Pulsar creates rhythms as well as a sample hold generator. All are synced to the host BPM. This design was inspired by Klaus Shultz's timeless electronic music piece called "Totem".
  • Effects section includes stereo chorus, BPM synced X-delay, auto-panner, and mixer.
  • Warp module: X-Y joystick with a unique distortion-filter for warping sounds and creating distortion and lead effects.
  • 128 presets programmed by Tim Conrardy (a leading sound designer).

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