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sábado, 12 de julio de 2008

Algoriddim - djay



With djay you can control and mix your digital music collection with two realistic virtual, interactive, turntables and both record and transmit the audio in real-time over the Bonjour network to other connected djays. It supports all common file formats, including MP3, AIFF, WAV, AAC and CAF.

Main features:

  • Real-time audio mix transmission over Bonjour network.
  • Real-time audio mix recording.
  • iTunes Integration.
  • Automatic artwork image loading on both turntables.
  • Customizable vinyl.
  • Forward spinning.
  • Time-Stretching.
  • Pitch-Shifting with amazing blend effect.
  • 5 band Equalizer.
  • Audio Unit Effects Support.
  • Pre-Cueing (requires multi-channel sound card).
  • Crossfade automation.
  • Manual Beat Counting.
  • Magnetic tempo slider for precise beat matching.
  • Cue points for beat-juggling.
  • GarageBand instruments integration via network.
  • AppleScriptability for mixing automation.

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