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domingo, 13 de julio de 2008

Antares Microphone Modeler DX v1.32-H2O + Extra Mics Packs


Note: This plugin is now discontinued, you can only get it at places like these!!

More Info: http://www.antarestech.com/products/amm.shtml

IF YOU'VE SPENT ANY TIME LATELY flipping thorough the pages of pro-audio magazines, you've almost certainly noticed the intense focus on microphones. From the proliferation of exotic new mics to the almost cult-like following of certain historical classics, never has the choice been greater. Or the prices higher. A perfect time, in fact, for Antares to introduce our new Microphone Modeler. Using our patented Spectral Shaping Tool (TM) technology, we've created digital models of a wide variety of microphones, TEC 2001 Winnerfrom historical classics to modern exotics, as well as a selection ofindustry-standard workhorses. Simply tell the Microphone Modeler what microphone you are actually using andwhat microphone you'd like it to sound like. It's as simple as that.
Just Like Being There

Not only do the models reproduce sonic characteristics that make each microphone unique, but they also give you control of each mic's specific options. Key Buy AwardDoes the mic have a low cut filter? If so, it's in the model. Wind screen on or off? Close or far placement? Each option results in the same sonic effect that it would have with the actual modeled mic. And for that final touch of perfection, you can even add some tasty tube saturation. With the Microphone Modeler, you can afford to record every track through a model of the specific mic that will produce the ideal sound you're looking for. Or use it in live performance to get the sound of mics you'd never consider bringing on stage. You can even use it during mixdown to effectively change the mic on an already recorded track. And with the ability to download new models from our web site, the Microphone Modeler will always keep you at the forefront of the microphone art.

Extra mics packs contents:

* AKG SolidTube
* Audix SCX-one
* Shure Beta 58
* Soundelux U95S
* AEA R44C
* Audix CX-111
* Behringer XM8500
* Tannoy Large Ribbon
* Audix D-1
* Neumann U89i
* Tannoy Small Ribbon
* Audix OM-6
* Brauner Valvet
* Oktava MK-219
* Beyerdynamic M500
* Electro-Voice RE55
* Neumann M147
* AKG C 535 EB
* Audio Technica AT4051
* Shure SM98A (no polar mod)
* AKG C 12 VR
* AKG C 12 VR (w)
* Neumann TLM 103
* AKG The Tube
* Earthworks QTC1
* Electro-Voice RE15
* Electro-Voice RE16
* Electro-Voice N-D868
* Marshall MXL 2001P
* AKG C414 EB
* Marshall MXL 2003
* Neumann KM 84

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