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martes, 15 de julio de 2008

Apple - MainStage MainStage lets keyboardists, guitarists, and other musicians


Price (MSRP): $499 (Logic Studio)

Built for live performance, MainStage lets keyboardists, guitarists, and other musicians perform with software instruments and effects through a full-screen interface designed specifically for the stage.


  • Full-screen performance view optimized for the stage.
  • Windowed performance view for simultaneous operation of multiple applications.
  • High-resolution, resizable 3D graphics.
  • Dynamic lighting highlights screen controls in use.

Sounds for the Stage

  • Perform using the entire selection of Studio Instruments .
  • Process audio using all appropriate effect plug-ins from Studio Effects.
  • Audio Units support for all third-party plug-ins.
  • Up to 32 total keyboard layers per Patch, with up to 8 layers per split.
  • Floating keyboard splits that dynamically adjust during a performance.
  • Channel strip setting crossfades for blending between sounds with a single controller move.
  • Busses for advanced audio routing, submixing, and effects processing.
  • Signal Flow view displays all channel strips within a selected audio signal path.
  • Full-screen software tuner for guitars and basses.
  • Tap tempo using any MIDI or USB controller device or your computer keyboard.
  • Receive tempo from incoming MIDI clock messages .
  • Professional templates featuring extensive combinations of instruments and effects.
  • Seamless patch switching during performance without disrupting sound output or held notes.
  • Patch selection via MIDI program change messages.
  • CPU, MIDI input, and memory displays embedded in the MainStage toolbar.

Hardware Integration

  • Hardware compatibility with any MIDI or USB controller.
  • Automatic device detection for many popular controller devices.
  • Automatic controller assignments for recognized devices.
  • Layouts to assign controllers to specific parameters, then reassign controllers when equipment changes.
  • Learn function for fast assignment of MIDI hardware.

Performance Customization

  • Save and load full performance setups in the form of Concerts.
  • Organize sections of your performance by grouping Patches into Sets within Concerts.
  • Import and export Sets, Patches, and Layouts to customize Concerts.
  • Concert-level or Patch-level parameter mapping.
  • Parameter mapping via browser or direct selection from the plug-in interface.
  • Load and save channel strip settings for use in MainStage and Logic Pro.
  • Browser for searching and loading channel strip settings.
  • Contextual Inspectors that provide editing options according to mode and object selected.
  • Customizable Patch icons.
  • Resize, group, lock, and color functions for screen controls.
  • Customizable toolbar.
  • Keyboard transposition.
  • Velocity range and velocity offset options on a per-channel strip basis.
  • MIDI controller transformations:
    • Expression Scaling.
    • Modulation.
    • MIDI Volume.
    • Breath Control.
  • MIDI message filtering on a per-channel strip basis:
    • Pitch Bend.
    • Modulation.
    • Aftertouch.
    • Sustain.
    • Expression.
  • Broad range of customizable screen controls, including the following:
    • Keyboard.
    • Mod/Pitch Wheel.
    • Sustain Pedal.
    • Foot Pedal.
    • Foot Switch.
    • Round Knob.
    • Directional Knob.
    • Vertical Fader.
    • Horizontal Fader.
    • Button.
    • Drum Pad.
    • Meter.
    • Parameter Text Box.
    • Free Text Box.
    • Patch/Set Selector.
    • Image Box.

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