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martes, 15 de julio de 2008

AraldFX - DKS Pro modular and semi-modular hosts



AXV5 is a 2 to 5 band cross-over plug-in for modular and semi-modular hosts such as Ableton Live, EnergyXT, Plogue Bidule, etc.


DKS Pro joins the "classical" oscillator-based electronics drum synthesis approach with simple FM synthesis, physical modeling of the drum shell and a powerful set of effects. This synthesizer can emulate many of the classic electronic drum machine sounds, but through its extra FM and physical drum shell modeling features can go much further.

Main Features:

  • 8 polyphonic generators.
  • Each generator has: 3 oscillators, FM, Distortion, Bit Reduction, Physical Modeled Shell, Multi-Filter, 2 Modulation controls and intelligent randomizer with customizable target.
  • Full 8 Channel Mixer.
  • Each Mixer Channel has 2 sends (pre and post), pan, mute, solo and VU meter.
  • 3 Stereo out busses (1 stereo in the AU version).
  • Each bus with its own Stereo Multi-tap Delay, Compressor and Ambient FX.
  • Whole Kit intelligent randomizer.
  • MIDI Learn for each parameter.
  • Friendly Presets Management.
  • 3 skins included.

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