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miércoles, 16 de julio de 2008

AudioWarrior - Kreator LE Acoustic Dreadnought


Kreator LE Acoustic Dreadnought
Price (MSRP): $79

Kreator LE Acoustic Dreadnought is a "MIDI-Strummable" 24-bit acoustic guitar with playable harmonics and mutes (includes 85 strummable chords).

Kreator LE Acoustic Dreadnought has been sampled from a finely crafted acoustic dreadnought guitar with a cedar-top-soundboard known for its warmth and resonance, flame maple and wood binding, ebony head-plate, fret board and bridge, abalone and wood rosette, solid wood back and sides. This instrument, costing many thousands of dollars, can now be played virtually in Kreator's Standalone mode or as a Plug-in in your preferred sequencer.

Kreator LE Acoustic Dreadnought utilizes AudioWarrior's patent-pending "G-Mapping" system allowing users to literally strum guitar chords on a MIDI keyboard as if the keys were strings on a guitar - no prior chord knowledge is required, simply load a chord and strum your board or play chromatically. Kreator's programming takes care of organizing the individual notes into chords, ready for performance. The up/down strumming motion on a guitar translates to a left/right strumming motion on your preferred non-weighted keyboard with the included soft nylon guitar pick. The notes of the chords may also be played individually.

The half-gig library consists of a completely sampled 6-string acoustic dreadnought guitar. It has been sampled on all open strings and all frets up to the top 20th fret with sensitive and expressive velocity layers per chord and chromatic patches. It includes harmonics patch from all 6 strings sampled at the 5th, 7th, and 12th fret.

Kreator LE Acoustic Dreadnought supports strum forward, strum reverse, or playing individual notes of the chords including Natural Harmonics. It's possible to map out an entire simple acoustic guitar song with all the chords ready to be played in 24-bit high resolution on your keyboard in a few minutes. You can position 16 chords per each 16-program slots per instance.

Kreator LE Acoustic Dreadnought is a HALion Player based product and thus has all the features provided by the HALion Player engine. The sound library can also be loaded in HALion 3.

Sound Library Features:

  • More than 5,000 chords possible via chromatic patches.
  • 24-bit natural acoustic samples.
  • All open strings and fretted notes stereo-sampled individually.
  • Hammer-ons.
  • Wood slaps/thumps.
  • String scrapes.
  • Plinks and string sweeps above the tuning pegs.
  • Natural harmonics at the 5th, 7th, and 12th frets (Low B tuning).
  • 50 widely used Standard 440 (open-EADGBE) multi-velocity chord patches.
  • Multi-velocity Harmonics patches.
  • Multi-velocity Hammer-on patches.
  • Muted notes.

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