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jueves, 17 de julio de 2008

Bitheadz - Unity DS-1 VSTI PLUGINS Outstanding 32-bit, 96 Khz sound quality


Unity DS-1
  • General Features
      Outstanding 32-bit, 96 Khz sound quality
    • Up to 256 note polyphony
    • True phased locked stereo signal path throughout
    • FreeMIDI, PC300, OMS, & CoreMIDI compatible
    • MAS, VST, RTAS, DirectConnect, & ReWire support
    • 1+ gigabyte of content included

  • Multisamples
    • Up to 128 samples per MIDI note selectable via velocity or controller cross-switching
    • Per-sample volume, tune, pan, sample start, FX send, envelope and mute grouping

  • Sampling
    • Selectable interpolation: Linear, Quadratic, Lagrange or none
    • Built-in sample editor which includes stereo record function with level controls
    • DSP functions include Normalize, Gain, Fade, Reverse, Crossfade Loop, EQ & more

  • Modulation
    • Modulators and routings limited only by CPU power
    • Most parameters available as a modulation source and/or destination
    • 6-stage envelope modulators (delay, attack, decay, sustain, sustain decay, release)
    • Selectable linear or exponential curves for envelopes
    • Six low frequency oscillator ("LFO") waveform shapes
    • LFO's can be synchronized to MIDI clock
    • Four continous MIDI controller modulation sources are available simultaneously

  • Filters
    • 2 assignable stereo filters per voice
    • 13 filter types, including 4-pole resonant lowpass, highpass, bandpass, allpass, notch & state-variable
    • Multiple inputs allow parallel and/or serial filtering
    • Per-filter cutoff, resonance, cutoff modulation source/amount and overdrive controls

  • FileTypes
    • Plays 24-bit Sound Designer II, AIFF, CD-Audio, DLS, SoundFont™ 2.0, SampleCell™ II and WAVE files

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