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domingo, 13 de julio de 2008

Cakewalk Vintage Channel VC-64 VST v1.0-ArCADE


Taking full advantage of SONAR’s internal 64-bit double precision
processing, VC-64 Vintage Channel offers the classic sound of sought
-after analog channel strips and dynamics processors.

Start with presets designed by professionals and hear the instant lift,
punch, and clarity VC-64 adds to vocals, drums, synths, and more. Dig
deeper with powerful sound-shaping features including double precision EQ
filtering, dual compression stages, de-esser, gate, and user-customizable
signal flow including internal side chaining.

Vintage Channel Features

Numerous presets designed by audio engineering professionals take the
guesswork out of dialing in the perfect sound

Advanced Component Level Modeling (ACLM) by Kjaerhus Audio

Double precision internal processing and transparent communication with
SONAR’s mix engine

Multi-stage processing with up to ten selectable interconnection/routings

Serial and parallel compression and EQ stages

Two VCA/Opto mode compressors

Two 4-band parametric EQ’s with five high-quality filter types to ensure
accurate alteration of any part of the audio spectrum

Noise Gate with soft knee

Wideband de-esser

Zero latency—use it live while recording

Full automation

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