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sábado, 26 de julio de 2008

Coyote Electronics - Centrifuge free plugins downloads


Price (MSRP): $25

Windows 1.0 DownloadReleased

Centrifuge produces a "super-realistic rotating-speaker effect". It gives you control of the treble and bass "rotors" individually, a convenient fast/slow switch, as well as control of the ramp time (the time taken when transitioning between fast and slow). An equalizer and stereo width control are also provided.


  • Emulation of several different vintage rotating-speaker models.
  • Control of the speed of the "treble and bass rotors".
  • Control of the ramp time (the time to transition between fast and slow speed).
  • Handles professional audio formats, including 16-bit, 24-bit and floating-point, at up to 192 KHz sampling rate.
  • Supports DXi automation.
  • Supports presets.
  • Clipping indicator.

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