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sábado, 26 de julio de 2008

Dangerous Bear Underground vst plugins


more info:
Developer: Dangerous Bear Underground

Fortuity is the product of dBu's collaboration with HG Fortune, who custom-built the engine based on his STS-series transition synthesis technology. Fortuity includes 200 megabytes of samples in five SF2 banks, as well as five .fxb format preset banks.

Dangerous Bear Underground - Prometheus

Price (MSRP): $100

Windows 1.0 DownloadReleased

Prometheus is powered by the WusikEngine and features a soundset of 11.5 gigabytes of samples in both WusikSND and wav formats, and 1500 presets.

The soundset features all-new, or never previously used in Wusik format, samples. It includes lush pads, twisted synth fx, evocative soundscapes and more. It is the ideal instrument for composers and players looking for moody atmospherics, sci-fi soundtrack effects, and ambient textures to add just the right touch of "esoterica", but is also at home as a meat and potatoes workhorse.

Prometheus' synthesis features include six stereo, disk-streaming sample-playback layers, each including four (series or parallel) multimode filters, eq, insert effect and two effects sends. Two of these layers may be configured as wavesequencers, a very powerful feature allowing for step-sequencing of pitch, pan, sample played (from a list you create) and much more. There's also a very extensive modulation matrix including as sources 8 ADSR envelopes and 8 multiwave LFOs, as well as vector synthesis via the x-y pad.

Instrument, multi-out instrument, and effects versions are included.

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