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sábado, 26 de julio de 2008

DASHSignature - theAbstractGuitar



more info:
Developer: DASHSignature
A physical modeled plucked string synthesizer which features:
  • Timbre and Decay switches by velocity for the easiest guitar patterns sequencing.
  • Alternate Legato function for a unique solo mode.
  • "Board ring" and "Smooth string" variations for the expressive buzzings you get with many acoustic instruments.
  • A flexible Distortion unit with Low Pass filter and envelope sensitive to dynamics.
  • Special filter for speaker emulation.
  • Stereo Chorus and smooth Reverb.
  • Accurate preset generator.
Model Section:
  • 10 different basic timbres with velocity switch function for dynamic timbre changes.
  • Timbre gain.
  • Pitch tuning: coarse (semi-tone) and fine.
  • Envelope controls: decay and release (Damp).
  • Decay velocity switch function for dynamic note muting.
  • Velocity sensitivity (adjustable).
  • Pluck control: how much and where the string is pulled.
  • Cavity: resonance for all strings.
  • Special modeling effects: "Board Ring" switch and sliders. "Wave invert" switch. "Smooth String" switch. "More harmonics" switch.
  • Voices from 1 (Mono) to 16 max.
  • Mono biphonic: Unison detune, 4th interval, 5th interval, OctaveUp interval.
  • Mono performance: Retrigger, Legato, Alternate.
  • PitchBend range: 1..12 semitone.
Effects and Master section:
  • Distortion: Amount. Tone : filter cutoff. Filter resonance. Gain reduction.
  • Filter envelope: Attack, decay, envelope delay, "Touch" for dynamic envelope response.
  • Stereo Chorus.
  • Stereo Reverb: smooth reverb with Mix and Space controls.
  • Filter for Speaker emulation: with Frequency and Band Width controls.
  • Feedback effect to simulate amplifier to pickup loop: with Distance and Level controls.
    (Feedback effect switches automatically to a mono echo effect when Distortion is off)
  • Master Volume control.
  • MIDI learn function.
  • Deviation feature allows to set a small random deviation on pitch and pluck
    parameters for a more expressive performance.
  • Presets large menu and ability to set the custom default bank or restore the factory one.
100 presets bank ready to use.

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