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sábado, 26 de julio de 2008

DASHSignature - TubiLeSax free download



Price (MSRP): $29.95

Windows 1.8.8m DownloadReleased

TubiLeSax is a specialized VSTi sample player, modeled around the structural elements of a Saxophone. The TubiLeSax sample set includes three layers: (all monophonic).

  • Lead sound
  • Breath sound
  • Keys sound

The current package comes with 5 Sound Sets. All multi-sampled and divided by key-zones, and one with extra velocity-zones.


  • Changeable Sound Set with custom Dash sample bank.
  • Three types of Mono performance with PitchBend and portamento.
  • Velocity Sensitive Breath and Keypad noises for maximum realism.
  • Aftertouch controlled.
  • Vibrato and Tremolo with envelope.
  • Stereo Chorus and Stereo Reverb effects.
  • Micro Tuning by easy "one click" menu.

Lead Voice:

  • One Voice Multi-sample player with an internal 4-voice cross-fade, to make smooth transitions from one waveform to another.
  • Mono Mode: Legato, Retrigger, Alternate, 3 ways to customize your keyboard performance.
  • Pitch Controls: PitchBend range, Glide Time (Portamento), SemiTone (-+12),
  • Fine Tune (-+100 Cents), Scale (micro tuning)
  • Attack Time
  • Release Time
  • Volume
  • Aftertouch to Bright (body)

LFO (Vibrato):

  • Amount to Pitch
  • Amount to Amp
  • PitchBend (upwards) Wheel to Depth
  • Rate of the LFO (moving PitchBend Upwards increases the time)
  • Attack Time of the Vibrato (Envelope)
  • Delay

Body Filter:

  • Frequency, Resonance and Brightness

Keys and Breath:

  • Volume level per each
  • Breath and Lead sound cross-fade is set by the velocity of the key pressed. The lower the velocity, the more breath and keys you will hear, the higher the velocity the less you hear. This is like moving the Saxophone away from the microphone on strong notes, and closer on soft notes.


  • Stereo Chorus: Mix, Depth, Off Switch
  • Stereo Reverb: Mix, Space, Off Switch
  • Random Pitch Deviation per Note
  • Random Body Frequency Deviation per Note


  • Midi Learn for every knobs.
  • Default output level adjustable.
  • 5 Sound Sets in the downloadable Lite version

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