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domingo, 27 de julio de 2008

db-audioware - Quantum-fx free download is two packages in one: it's an instant pro audio toolkit and the workbench to build the plug-ins of your drea


Price (MSRP): $299

Windows 2.5 DownloadReleased
Mac OS XMac OS X Universal Binary 2.5 DownloadReleased

Quantum FX is two packages in one: it's an instant pro audio toolkit and the workbench to build the plug-ins of your dreams.

Ready-To-Use Or Custom-Built

If you need the job done fast or just want an easy life, then the Quantum FX Factory Effects collection is for you. You get over 50 ready-to-use plug-ins for every purpose, including essential effects, serious studio tools and original creative effects.

When you can't find the right effect to do the job, that's when you need the Quantum FX Workbench. You don't have to be an expert programmer to build custom plug-ins with confidence. Simply drag, drop and connect audio modules on screen; you can audition your design with live or recorded audio as you go.


  • 57 ready-to-use effects plug-ins.
  • Easy to use effects building environment.
  • Large library of high quality audio DSP building blocks.
  • Oscilloscope and spectrum analyser for in-depth visualisation of plug-in operation.
  • VST and Audio Units versions of all plug-ins, with automation.
  • Fully customisable graphics for plug-in GUIs with support for animated controls/meters and realistic shadowing.
  • Sidechain operation independent of host software capability.
  • Full MIDI control, with easy to use MIDI Learn.
  • Online Effects Library to share plug-in designs.

Universal Sidechains

In multi-track audio applications, side-chaining is a powerful technique for controlling effects in one track using audio from a different track. Quantum FX incorporates db audioware's Universal Sidechains functionality that lets you side-chain in most multi-track hosts, even if the host software itself does not have that native capability.

Quantum FX is supplied with two side-chaining factory effects: SideDyn (a compressor/gate combo) and ChainSaw (a dual channel resonant filter). You can also build side-chaining into your own plug-in designs using dedicated DSP building block modules in the Quantum FX Workbench.

MIDI Control

On-screen controls are very flexible, but there are times when hardware knobs, sliders and keys are a far more natural interface. Quantum FX lets you control plug-ins using your favourite external MIDI control surface, keyboard or pedals. And thanks to db audioware's easy-to-use MIDI Learn functionality, it's simple to associate any on-screen control with the optimum hardware control.

Effects Library

If you don't want to use the factory effects or build your own using the workbench, you can download new ones from the online effects library. The library is open to all registered Quantum FX owners, so when you buy Quantum FX, you continue to get great new effects for free.

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