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lunes, 28 de julio de 2008

Desaster Development - Zapfilter^2 Dual Filter free download


Zapfilter^2 Dual Filter
Price (MSRP): $12.50

Windows 1.6.1 DownloadReleased

ZapFilter^2 is a very powerful filter-box with two filter-engines and a distortion/saturator unit.


  • Two separate stereo filter units with 15 switchable filter algorithms with serial/parallel routing.
  • Host-BPM syncable bipolar LFO->Cutoff modulation per filter-unit (tri, sqr, sin, saw).
  • Envelope Follower per filter-unit with Amount(bipolar)/Attack/Release and tight/relaxed sensing with sidechain option.
  • Saturation/Distortion unit with drive/shape control.
  • 16 programs.
  • Internal Preset Manager with:
    - Copying/pasting of presets.
    - Automatable preset-switching via VST Read/Write Automation.
    - Saving/loading of standard .fxp/.fxb preset-/bankfiles.
  • Custom default bank loading at startup.
  • Unique FreeEnv-Controller to draw Freq->Volume graphs.
  • Full VST-automation support of all parameters.
  • Program switching via MIDI-Note-On (Midi Ch.15) (will also reset LFOs in sync).
  • Cutoff-Modulation via Midi CC's.
  • Link-Mode for Cutoff1/2 (with offset).
  • 4 vu-meters for Input/Output and output of each filter.
  • Final output limiter.
  • Comes with 5 preset banks (80 ready to use presets).

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