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sábado, 12 de julio de 2008

Development - KlangFormer free plugins info


  • Full featured VST 2.3 support.
  • Extreme complex virtual digilog/anatal hybrid synthesizer.
  • Extraordinary native high quality sound engine.
  • Vector based (morphing) synthesis architecture.
  • 8 x multi timbre, 24 voices polyphony (8 independent synthesizers mapped to MIDI channels).
  • 8 stereo output channels.
  • Real stereo processing architecture.
  • Parameter smoothing, anti distortion technology.
  • Advanced MIDI and SYSEX implementation.
  • Sound bank with 1024 professional preset voices inclusive.
  • Independent stereo effect processing per synthesizer channel.
  • Integrated polyphonic phrase sequencer/arpeggiator per channel.
  • Quick help and context sensitive help system.
  • Performance/render mode quality switch.
  • Supports additional its own external sound bank format with 1024 patches.

Main features


  • 3 x three stage- morphing main oscillators (main/slave, additional) per voice.
  • 1 extra sub oscillator.
  • Conventional analog waves + 64 additive waveforms.
  • Additive wave generator for user generated waveforms.
  • Frequency modulation, pulse width modulation, oscillator synchronization with all waveforms (all at same time possible).
  • Ring modulator and noise generator with adjustable noise color and amount.
  • Twice unison mode without reducing the polyphony.
  • Several poly, mono, legato and combination key modes.


  • 2(3) serial/parallel/split real time morphing analog modeling filters.
  • 4/3/2 pole low pass, high pass, band pass, band stop filters in any combination and relationship.
  • Filter resonance up to self oscillation.
  • Embedded polyphonic saturation and effect unit between filters with 8 different algorithms.


  • 3 advanced shape morphing low frequency oscillators with tempo sync.
  • Each of the additive wave forms usable for LFOs.
  • 2 assignable envelopes with additional sustain rise/fall time feature.
  • Multiple assignable to the many modulation destinations.

Modulation Matrix

  • Advanced 9 stage modulation matrix with more than hundred assignable sources and destinations.
  • Each conceivable combination, cross wire and multiple assignment possible.
  • XGenerator for owner draw able modulation curves (only version 2).


  • Advanced independent stereophonic effect section for each voice/channel.
  • Final distortion unit with different analog and digital drive curves.
  • Analog booster and punch adjustment.
  • Stereo chorus/flanger per.
  • Multi stage phaser per.
  • Stereo delay and hq reverb per channel/voice.


  • All parameters controllable via MIDI and/or SYSEX control (requires host support).
  • Full controller implementation incl. note- off velocity, aftertouch (channel pressure), sustain (hold) pedal and so on.
  • Extended MIDI implementation (more than 128 standard controllers).
  • Freely assignable via modulation matrix.
  • Extended SysEx export features.
  • Phrase Sequencer can be recorded to MIDI tracks.
  • Pitch bend scale up to 64 semitones with bi-directional different amounts.


  • Simple to use multi page view with integrated help displays.
  • New animated GUI controls combining bitmap and vector graphics.
  • Context sensitive external help system.
  • Many activity indicators, i.e. oscilloscope.
  • Remote MIDI control watch and translation displays.

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